Four Steps To Planning A Successful Home Poker Game

So you’ve learned how to play and a little bit of the lingo, maybe you’ve even played a bit online, and now you are thinking about setting up a home game. Don’t know where to start? Well not to worry here are my four steps to planning a successful home poker game.


  1. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment. The most important thing you will need is some kind of poker table. You can purchase poker tables online at a reasonable cost. But if money is a problem your dining room table will do just as good. Also just as important (if not more) is a packet of cards. You will also need some poker chips and a dealer button. If you plan on playing a tournament, you could purchase some kind of timer so you can keep track of when the blinds should go up.
  2. Next, you should think about the atmosphere. Where you play your poker game can have a great impact on whether you are your friends have the best possible time they can. Make sure you have more than enough seats around the table for everyone, without anyone being too squashed, after all, you could be sat there for a while. The lighting should be bright enough so that you can see your cards, but not too bright that it gives everyone a headache. Lastly, why not set up some music for light entertainment whilst playing.
  3. Have plenty of snacks and refreshments for your guests. Crisps, nuts, and pretzels all make great poker snacks. Have plenty of drinks at hand, all of that bluffing can be thirsty work ;-).
  4. Lastly but most importantly you need your guests. Send out your invitations nice and early, so that they can clear their calendar. After all what good is a home poker game by yourself?

Remember as long as you have plenty of fun with your mates during your home poker game, then winning or losing doesn’t matter. Without meaning to sound to cliche, it’s the taking part that counts.