Backgammon Glossary

The Backgammon Board
The board, or the table, is the area on which the game is played.
The board is divided into 24 triangles. The triangles are called points.
Inner Board/Home Board
The inner or home board is the area of the board where the checkers or men gather before they can be borne off of the board.
Checkers and men are two ways of referring to backgammon pieces
The backgammon board generally folds in half. The seam is known as the bar, and it is on this bar that checkers that have been captured await re-entry into the board.
When a single checker is on a point, vulnerable to being hit, it is called a blot.
To Hit
To hit is to knock off your opponent’s blot by landing on it
Direct Hit
A direct hit is a hit using the number on one of the dice.
In most backgammon tables, the table folds in half. The bar is the seam, and it is where checkers are placed after being hit while waiting to re-enter.
To enter is to leave the bar, coming into your opponent’s home board.
Bear Off
Bearing off is removing your checkers from the game board.
Doubles is the term referring to when the dice both show the same number.
Make a Point
To make a point is to put two checkers on a point, giving you control over the point
Control a Point
To control a point is have at least two checkers on a point so that your opponent can’t land on it
An anchor is a point you control in your opponent’s inner board.
When a player controls six consecutive points, the opponent cannot pass them. This is called a prime.
Outer Board
The outer board is the area which is neither side’s home board.

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