How To Not Go Bankrupt

There’s actually this concept known as utility in economics.It’s the value of something changesdepending on how much money is in your wallet, for example,and how much you’re willing to lose.And what Kelly did is he looked at these two contrastingaims you have, if you want to give a good long-term return.First you’re trying to make money, because you’vegot a biassed bet.But you’re also trying to avoid going bankrupt.Essentially you’re still tossing a coin.There’s that chance you’re going to lose.I don’t think anyone here would have bet their house on this.Maybe you would have.You might have an angry family.But in this case, you want to somehow exploit it, but alsolimit your losses.And what Kelly did was come up with this formula.So I apologise for my handwriting.Basically you’ve got the odds, which in this case is two.You got the probability you’ll win– this Pwin–minus the probability you’ll lose.And this is the optimal fraction of your moneyto bet for a given edge over somebody in a wager situation.So the bet I just showed you. Learn more about game bankruptcy on CasinoSlots.

The odds were two.The probability you’ll win is a half, because it’s a coin toss.Probability you’ll lose is also a half.So if you stick these numbers in,you get the following kind of equation.A little bit of arithmetic– you can end up with a quarter.So in this situation, if you want to maximise your long-termgrowth of money, it’s optimal to risk about a quarterof your income.Just have a think back to when you were raisinghands, whether that was the course of–were you taking advantage or not?Now some of you might think, OK, that’s all well and good.You showed me a formula.Let’s test it out.Now I could have, of course, adopt the Karl Pearson approachand spend the next half an hour or so tossing coinsto convince you.That’s a bit boring.So what I thought I’d do instead is show yousome simulations of if we adopteddifferent strategies, what kind of outcomes we would get.So here along the vertical is your bankroll.I’m going to assume that you start with a hundred pounds.

And along the bottom is the coin flips.So we’re going to play this bet again,and again, and again, and see whatyou’d end up with over time.Now you might have thought a quarter of my money, that’snot taking risks.So I want to go big.You might say, well, I want to bet 80% of my money.And in this case, if we just do one random simulation, whatmight happen is you’ll get a couple of big winsat the start.You’re approaching a thousand pounds.Lose a load of money– win a load of money.It’s exciting.And then lose all your money and go bankrupt–Less exciting.If you adopt this optimal Kelly strategyand bet 25%, what will happen is it will take longer.You’ll grow a bit slow over time.But you won’t go bankrupt.And actually in the long term, youwill get something that takes off.You might say actually, that’s still a bit too much for me.I’m going to bet 10% of my incomeon each one of these wages.And in this case, if you do it randomly,it’ll take a long time to grow.So you won’t go bankrupt.

Backgammon Glossary

The Backgammon Board
The board, or the table, is the area on which the game is played.
The board is divided into 24 triangles. The triangles are called points.
Inner Board/Home Board
The inner or home board is the area of the board where the checkers or men gather before they can be borne off of the board.
Checkers and men are two ways of referring to backgammon pieces
The backgammon board generally folds in half. The seam is known as the bar, and it is on this bar that checkers that have been captured await re-entry into the board.
When a single checker is on a point, vulnerable to being hit, it is called a blot.
To Hit
To hit is to knock off your opponent’s blot by landing on it
Direct Hit
A direct hit is a hit using the number on one of the dice.
In most backgammon tables, the table folds in half. The bar is the seam, and it is where checkers are placed after being hit while waiting to re-enter.
To enter is to leave the bar, coming into your opponent’s home board.
Bear Off
Bearing off is removing your checkers from the game board.
Doubles is the term referring to when the dice both show the same number.
Make a Point
To make a point is to put two checkers on a point, giving you control over the point
Control a Point
To control a point is have at least two checkers on a point so that your opponent can’t land on it
An anchor is a point you control in your opponent’s inner board.
When a player controls six consecutive points, the opponent cannot pass them. This is called a prime.
Outer Board
The outer board is the area which is neither side’s home board.

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Exploring Adelaide and South Australia

Adelaide is the capital of South Australia and the fifth largest city in Australia, with a population exceeding 1.1 million. Named in honour of Queen Adelaide, the consort of King William IV, the city is unique in that it was planned from the onset of settlement in 1836 by Colonel William Light and is the capital of the only freely settled province in Australia. Navigating your way through the streets of Adelaide is delightfully easy due to the grid-like fashion in which the city is laid out. The heart of the city is a delightful mixture of old buildings and modern architecture interspersed with parks, gardens and reserves. The Torrens River meanders through the city and the white sands of Glenelg, Semaphore and Henley beaches are all minutes from the city centre. Often referred to as the City of Churches, Adelaide has much to offer travellers in the way of sights to see and places to go.


Adelaide provides an ideal starting point for tourists and travellers to explore the city itself and South Australia. Accommodation is readily available and generally reasonably priced with options to suit any budget ranging from luxury hotels to backpacker style accommodation.


Adelaide Sightseeing

Art Gallery of South Australia is located on North Terrace, Adelaide and is the premier arts institution in South Australia with over 35,000 works of art and over 500,000 visitors every year.


Ayers House is one of Adelaides most prominent historic buildings located at 288 North Terrace Adelaide. Originally built for William Paxton around 1846, it was leased to Henry Ayers in 1855 when Paxton returned to England. Ayers was a wealthy industrialist and politician of great renown who was Premier of South Australia seven times during his 38 year political career. It was he who Ayers Rock, now Ularoo, was named to honor. During Henry Ayers occupation of the building from 1855 to 1897 the mansion was expanded from 9 rooms to the 41 room mansion that stands today. It has been used as a dance hall and nurses quarters but is now a museum and function hall.


Adelaide General Post Office is located at 141 King William Street Adelaide. The Adelaide Post Office has been located at this site since 1851 and the current building was constructed between 1867 and 1872. It is a beautiful two-storey building built in the Victorian Free Classical Style featuring a grand postal chamber with a half-domed roof and peripheral clerestory lighting. A gallery at first floor level is supported on ornamental cast-iron trusses with matching cast iron balustrading. The building features a prominent clock tower that was completed in 1875.

The Purge Review

It’s the year 2022 on the eve of the annual “purge” as some Americans prepare to take full advantage of the 12-hour period when murder is legal, while others take shelter in their homes.

It’s preposterous to think murder could ever be legal but as we find out in “The Purge” it’s the “new” America’s way to combat crime.

If you can afford it your chances of survival on this night are much better.

One particular family, The Sands, are of the few who can afford this luxury. On the night of the annual purge, the family prepares to lock their home down tighter than Fort Knox.

James Sandin (Ethan Hawke) is confident in his home security system as he is a top security system salesman. Despite his confidence, Mary (Lena Headley) his wife and children Charlie (Max Burkholder) and Zoey (Adelaide Kane), dread this night.

Minutes before the start of the purge, the Sandins are locked up tight in their home behind steel walls that cover every door and window like a modern day castle. Everything looks good for the family as the purge begins. Live feeds on televisions show the mayhem has already begun and the killing begins.

The Sanders appear to be safe — that is until young Charlie makes a mistake that puts everyone’s lives in jeopardy.

James DeMonaco (“The Negotiator,”” Assault on Precinct 13”) has managed to write and direct a script with a fresh idea, but the mystique of the whole concept wears off quickly.

It’s a brilliant idea but the story loses it’s impact when the Sanders become the focus and the family is forced to fight for their lives against, what appear to be, a very wealthy group of white collar young adults.

They may look unassuming but they prove otherwise as for their resources on this night are more than enough to breach the Sandins top-notch security system. Chaos ensues and the film’s level of suspense shoots off the charts.

Despite the suspense of it all, the film would have been much better if it didn’t centre on just one family, but if you’re familiar with the director’s style, “The Purge” is true to his style. It’s a classic evil versus good scenario with nothing to detract from the main plot.

Overall, “The Purge” is good but not great. The idea of the story will suck you in just enough to get you to hang around for the entire 85 minutes.

Everything You Need to Know About Writing Great Reviews- Writing a movie review!


Four Steps To Planning A Successful Home Poker Game

So you’ve learned how to play and a little bit of the lingo, maybe you’ve even played a bit online, and now you are thinking about setting up a home game. Don’t know where to start? Well not to worry here are my four steps to planning a successful home poker game.


  1. Make sure you have all the necessary equipment. The most important thing you will need is some kind of poker table. You can purchase poker tables online at a reasonable cost. But if money is a problem your dining room table will do just as good. Also just as important (if not more) is a packet of cards. You will also need some poker chips and a dealer button. If you plan on playing a tournament, you could purchase some kind of timer so you can keep track of when the blinds should go up.
  2. Next, you should think about the atmosphere. Where you play your poker game can have a great impact on whether you are your friends have the best possible time they can. Make sure you have more than enough seats around the table for everyone, without anyone being too squashed, after all, you could be sat there for a while. The lighting should be bright enough so that you can see your cards, but not too bright that it gives everyone a headache. Lastly, why not set up some music for light entertainment whilst playing.
  3. Have plenty of snacks and refreshments for your guests. Crisps, nuts, and pretzels all make great poker snacks. Have plenty of drinks at hand, all of that bluffing can be thirsty work ;-).
  4. Lastly but most importantly you need your guests. Send out your invitations nice and early, so that they can clear their calendar. After all what good is a home poker game by yourself?

Remember as long as you have plenty of fun with your mates during your home poker game, then winning or losing doesn’t matter. Without meaning to sound to cliche, it’s the taking part that counts.


Choosing The Best Frequent Flyer Program

Choosing the correct frequent flyer program is one of the most important decisions any traveler makes. The traveler must think of their goals and priorities. Is it to collect enough miles to take that trip that you always wanted? Or is it to get to elite status so you can regularly fly first class? Or it good just be to redeem the miles at places you like to shop at? Your purpose for joining a frequent flyer program will guide you as your navigate the myriad of programs.
What are your likely travel destinations?

Many airline carriers have certain routes that are their specialties. If you want to fly to Spain on a regular basis and potentially easily earn free flights to Spain, you would fly Iberia and join the Iberia plus program. Keep in mind there are 3 major global air alliances Oneworld, Skyteam, and Star Alliance. If you join one of the carriers within these programs, you are eligible to earn and redeem miles with all the members within the alliance program. This means if you have a certain location you have always wanted to travel too. Join the program that typically has the best fares or most routes to that location.

Easy to earn miles?
Many people do not realize you can earn miles in more ways than taking a flight. You can earn miles from simply using an Atm or Debit card that your frequent flyer program has a partnership with. You can earn miles by staying at certain hotels or shopping online. Not every airline has multiple options when it comes to earning miles through various avenues. With JetBlue, you can only earn miles through flights and their credit card. If you are serious about racking up miles so you can travel to your favorite location, this is a serious consideration.
How often will you be flying?
This is an important question to think about. It is also an area that a lot of first timer joiners of frequent flyer programs do not think about. You do not want your miles to expire before you get a chance to use your reward travel. Certain programs allow you to roll over your miles to the next year and certain programs delete all your miles after one calendar year if you have a low flight activity level. It is preferable to have your miles rollover to the next year and to make sure there is activity on your account every 18 months. Activity meaning flying or staying at a hotel that you can earn miles with your program.
How important is it to be an elite member?
Being an elite member of a frequent flyer program often means free upgrades and no checked bag fees among other perks. Most people want to just redeem their miles and get free flights. Think about what is the most important perk for you.
Members of Frequent flyer programs have various travel preferences, so no mileage program is going to work for everyone. Think long and hard about what you truly want out of a frequent flyer program. You want to be able to maximize the benefits of this program.

Great Honeymoon Destinations

Every bride and groom can not wait to get their honeymoon started. This is often the favorite part of all the wedding festivities. The Honeymoon is the time when the newlyweds can enjoy each other’s company without a care in the world. The planning of the honeymoon is very important because who doesn’t want to start off their marriage on a good note. Here will be detailed some of the hottest locations for Honeymoon getaways. Take notes.





You can be in paradise without leaving the United States. Hawaii has everything you need out of a honeymoon without the expensive price tag you could have by going elsewhere. You have several islands to choose from. If you want a lower key or intimate trip, you can find a hotel or resort on one of the smaller islands like Kauai. If you want to go with a more lively honeymoon, Oahu or the Big Island would be just perfect.



The perennial honeymoon spot, Jamaica is a place made for lovers. With its gorgeous beaches, welcoming people, and great food, this is a place everyone can love. You can always create your own honeymoon by planning it yourself. You can also find a hotel or resort that specializes in honeymoon packages. Ocho Rios is a great place to consider staying for your honeymoon. Either way you will have a fabulous trip to remember.

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands are a current British Crown colony that includes 3 islands. These islands provide a safe and tranquil atmosphere for honeymooners to enjoy. The best place to stay on the islands is by Seven Mile Beach. This beach lovely white sands and it also has sparkling waters that you can swim and/or snorkel in. Everyone will love this place.


The resorts along the Gulf of Mexico and Baja Mexico offer fantastic views that any couple could dream of. You can get your own private villa or stay at a luxurious resort. The crystal clear ocean water is a great place to relax and enjoy margaritas for your honeymoon. You can also go to the more lively parts near Cancun if you so desire. Whatever you are ready for Mexico has it waiting for you.

Turks and Caicos

If you want a small and intimate location, Turks and Caicos is the place to go. There are many private villa spread across the island with their own small private beaches. If you want to have some great alone time, away from crowded beaches this is the way to go. Many of the locations will throw in complimentary wine and champagne to help you get your celebration started.

These are some of the most popular honeymoon destinations around. With these wide ranges of choices, you can have the most intimate or lively trip as you and your new spouse plan. Be sure to get recommendations from family member and friends as well. Word of mouth is another great way to find the ideal destination for you and your partner.

Travel Tips For Traveling Alone

Sometimes you can not always find someone to take a trip with you. Oftentimes, you have a destination you have always wanted to visit but no one else wants to or can afford to go with you. You should not let this stop you from traveling overseas or anywhere else. Safety is always an issue though especially if you are a solo traveler. Here are some tips to keep you safe and happy on your next solo trip.
Familiarize yourself with your destination
Whether you are traveling alone or in a group, it is important to know your travel destination’s culture and customs. You should know how the men and women dress at your destination so you will not look like a complete foreigner. This is important so locals are not as likely to prey on you. If you show that you have some knowledge of their country, they are more likely to welcome you.
Keep an extra copy of everything
Your travel documents are sacred. They hold the key to you returning to your home country. Make sure you have an extra copy of these in your home country, in your hotel room, and with you at all times. You never know what can happen. You want to always be prepared and ready at a moment’s notice with the proper documentation so you can leave the country.
Travel during daylight
This is within the country and when you are traveling to the country for the first time. You want to be able to see and be aware of your surroundings at all times. This is especially important if the place you are traveling to has a reputation for muggings and theft. If you are traveling alone, make sure it is daylight.
Pick a safe hotel to stay at
This should be a non brainer. When you are traveling solo, it is probably not that time to get extra adventurous. It is best to find a hotel chain to stay at that is in a safe well light area of the town or city. Another consideration is to find a relative/friend of someone you know that lives in the country to stay. This way you can sleep with ease and have a free tour guide.
Know when to have a partner
When you have to travel at night on vacation, it is good to buddy up. You do not have to come to your destination with a buddy but you should be able to find one there. You might be able to find a fellow countryman or countrywoman to travel with to places you should not go alone. Having a buddy at the right time will keep you safe when you venture outside of your hotel at night. There is strength in numbers.
Traveling alone is fun but you always want to be prepared. If you follow these words of wisdom, you will safely enjoy your trip. During your trip, you could even find your new best friend when you are out looking for a travel companion.